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There are a lot of home inspectors out there, and it can be hard to decide which one is the right one for you. You should hire me because I can give you more than a home inspection – I can give you a lifetime of experience in building, rebuilding, and assessing properties for investment.

I started my career when I was just 17 years old, working tear-down and construction on one of Hovnanian’s Adult Communities in New Jersey.   At 19 I went into the U.S. Army and became a Radio Teletype Operator. I was intrigued with the workings of electricity, so I got my electrician’s license and started working on houses, eventually getting hired as a project manager for Digital Equipment Corporation wiring for gigantic computer rooms.

After DEC sold to Hewlett-Packard, I took my project management experience back to construction. I worked for the largest property manager in Georgia as a project manager, assessing tear-down apartments and bringing them back up to spec for rental. I created my own general contracting business in 1997 and invested in real estate, finding great properties that needed a bit of work and turning them into amazing rentals. Most recently, I was recruited by a prime contractor of NASA to work as a construction manager for the S.O.F.I.A. Project as well as handle construction projects at NASA’s compound- Edward’s Airforce Base, Ca. .

So when I say I’ve worked on just about every type of construction imaginable, I’m not kidding.

It’s been a long and eventful career, and I’m now bringing my experience to the home inspection business. While I have full certification in home inspection, those qualifications aren’t why you should hire me instead of the next guy.

You should hire me because those years of experience give me an insight into the wisdom of your home purchase that few can match.

I inspect every single home as if I was planning to buy it myself – and I’ll give you my honest assessment of whether this property’s flaws are worth all of the great features that made you fall in love with it. By the time you’re done working with me, you’ll understand your new house inside and out, and you’ll have the confidence of knowing there won’t be any surprises in the years to come.

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Ron Lucas

Ron Lucas

Certified Home Inspector

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